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15 reasons why you should Date a Nurse

Your own crush is a nurse. We say stop nursing that crush — pardon the pun — and ask him/her completely!

Listed here are 15 reasons to date a nurse:

1. Nurses tend to be caring and patient, and are usually typically fantastic audience.

2. Nurses tend to be super-smart. In case you are into both brains and charm, the go out can deliver.

3. Tired of nursing that hangover? Leave a real nurse work their feel-better secret.

4. Nurses have observed figures of all shapes and sizes — and witnessed every style of bodily purpose possible. The insecurities and body quirks will more than likely keep the day unfazed.

5. No wishing in line. You’ll receive a fast analysis any time you think according to the climate.

6. The consistent. It isn’t just gorgeous on Halloween. (interpretation: those scrubs merely seem thus adorable and comfy.)

7. Impressive nerves. Nurses continue to be calm and accumulated in pretty stressful conditions. You intend to end up being dating a nurse in times of crisis and chaos.

8. Nurses function very long hours. If you wish somewhat alone time, a nurse’s insane schedule might suit you only good. (additionally, with peculiar hrs come odd go out times.  Monday afternoon might end up being the brand-new tuesday evening.)

9. Nurses make fantastic potential moms and dads. No stress or something.

10. You’ll be safe. Date a nurse while’ve got access immediately to CPR, protection information and disease-prevention recommendations.

11. Awesome “How ended up being your entire day?” stories. Nurses have actually countless myths of patient and/or medical practitioner crisis.

12. You’ll beginning to see the healthcare terminology on the favored healthcare dramas.

13. Nurses will cherish the considerate gestures. They give to other people for hours and certainly will typically feel unappreciated.

14. Nurses comprehend selflessness, one of the important elements to a wholesome union.

15. Your date conserves life. That’s brag-worthy.